Which Office Assistant are you?

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The only legitimate personality test to determine which type of intelligent UI you are!

Complete this quiz and very soon, you may finally know.

But first things first: what's your name?

Personality Test: Part 1

All you have to do now is fill in this form as sincerely as possible!

I'll meet you again at the end to give you your results!

Good luck!

What's your working environment like?
What's your most common dysfunction?
Personality Test: Part 2
What's your absolute favorite directory structure?
Your home just caught fire but you have a dentist's appointment.
What's your personal opinion on Microsoft BOB?
Are you a robot?

Now as a pure formality before you can retrieve your results, could you answer this simple question? This way we can know for sure that you're not actually an Office Assistant.

Please allow me to give you a personal tip: whenever I'm feeling lost, I like to touch ground.

Anyway, there's only one correct answer, so you should choose wisely.

Who was the first human/Office Assistant hybrid?
The Personality Test Is Under Attack!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Office Assistants are currently trying to infiltrate this page.

I need you to find these basterds and tell me exactly how many of them are coming.

Take your time, it's not actually part of the test! It's just, you know, I can't do it. I'm a computer window.

Just A Regular Window

OK, this one is stupidly simple.

You won't believe it but most Office Assistants get stuck here hahah.

Actually, if you fall for it, we're not talking anymore.


I'm glad you made it!

At this point I feel that we're getting a pretty sharp understanding of your Office Assistant personality.

You're close!!


Now, as a treat you can do whatever you like with these toys while we're preparing the final steps...

I want you to take your time, alright?

Have a little fun. You earned it.

How much fun am I having?

"It's hard to tell ..."

Actual Window

Oh shit, you did it! Right here, that's the next step.

I was a little mad but you keep surprising me. Now I can't wait to show you those results.


Dude, didn't I tell you to take your time? This place isn't ready yet...

I was preparing something special here but it's ruined now.

Look at all this garbage. The button doesn't even work... How are we gonna get moving?

Are you a robot?

Shoot! Forgot to remove this step! We were supposed to replace it with the more sophisticated version you saw earlier.

Well, that shouldn't be a problem. There's no way you could nail it once and then fuck it up, right?

Who was the first human/Office Assistant hybrid?

Compatibility issue 041059:

CAN'T OPEN NEXT PART WITHOUT 'Windows Picture and Fax Viewer' INSTALLED.

We're getting close!

The time has come for your final ordeal.

Answer this trick question and I will proudly reveal to you the results of your legitimate personality test.

What's the secret treasure?

Which Office Assistant are you?


you deserved it, pal!

Oh come on, pal!

You're the one we're trying to help, here!

What kind of sorcery is this?

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